Go Out and Eat the World


“I get kind of nervous whenever I think about careers and what not,” my friend texted me.

What my brainless reply could have been? “Don’t worry. Just work hard and you’ll be fine.” But for obvious reasons, that seemed like an inadequate response. After all, “don’t worry” wouldn’t make me feel any better and soon I’ll be faced with the exact same nerves. So I thought about it.

The other day I was reading Emily’s blog (which is awesome, check it out here) and in a particular post she wrote about finding your passion. She used to think it would be an “Aha!” moment but lately she’s come to realize that figuring out what you love to do is a process. In order for this process to be possible, you need exposure to all sorts of subjects and skills. Cue college.

I like to think of college…

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My morning run through Cape Town city and surrounds

I have not been every where in the world but i am most certainly sure of myself when i say “Cape Town must be one of the most pleasurable and scenic city’s to run in and around!”.

This mornings run took me through the upcoming suburb of Woodstock, deemed by some as the new CBD. Then through to the the cultural Grand Parade in the city centre with the flower sellers and hawkers setting up their stalls at 5am (very lively area for that time of the morning). I then ended up in the Waterfront, specifically coming in through the Cape Grace basin side as to pass all the yachts and boats, lazing in the calm waters of Table Bay.

Leaving the vibrant Waterfront, I entered Sea Point, moving past The Grand and Radisson Hotel to a beautiful sea view with sea gulls circling above and fellow runners on the promenade walk way.

Greeted by many as I worked my way past them (great feeling for a runner when you are passing someone else!).

Stopping for a while to catch some H20 from one of the many water fountains along the Sea Point Promenade…thanks Cape Town City Council…I headed up toward Somerset Road where there is a great running and bike track giving me an open stretch of about 3 – 4km of uninterrupted speed! Spoilt for choice at 6am as many cyclists were on the road and not using the bike track which was fine by me.

Running back through town, it was evident the number of office workers on the way to work either by car or foot (if they stayed in the CBD or surrounding area. The hustle and bustle of Cape Town CBD had begun!

Nearing the end of my run I passed the Grand Parade again and then up past the University of Technology (previous Cape Technikon), passing two mosques (Muir Street and Aspleing Street mosques) all the way to the top of Keizergracht Street.

Looking back toward the city centre and across Table Bay harbour, it was evident that I am privileged to stay in this amazing city, with all its cultural wonder and excitement. Not forgetting the reason i left the house this morning…to run, so the flats and hills on the route made for a great runners experience.

Until my rubber soles hit the tar again 🙂

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